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This beautiful capital strategically lies at the center of the triangular basin of the Red River. With around 3.5 million people, and an area of 920 square km, Hanoi is now the country’s center of economy, politics, culture, and society.

Temple of Literature - HANOI CAPITAL

Natural conditions

Hanoi is famous for numerous rivers, lakes, and mountains alongside and in the surroundings. Scattered around are places of sight-seeing, which are so much attractive thanks to green lands full of streams, rivers, and mountain, such as Tam Dao, Con Son, Kiep Bac, etc. Hanoi is also well known for typical tropical seasoned place of South East Asia with four seasons: fresh, green and cool in Spring, a bit hot in Summer, fine in Autumn, and cold in Winter. Yet the most interesting thing is that all those take place in most sites of the capital. “Leisuring around the rivers in the suburbs or walking down the green mountains like Soc Temple in Soc Mount, Ve Linh Mount, Phuc Tuong Mount, etc, in autumn brings in such a great feeling. Believe me, you will taste the cool and fresh air as if the most delicious desert after such a busy time”, said a busy trader during her stay in Hanoi.

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