Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour
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Destination: Saigon Cat Tien Da Lat Nha Trang Hoi An Khe Sanh Hanoi Ha Giang Cao Bang Ban Gioc waterfall Ha Long -Hanoi

Duration: 23 Days/22 Nights

Total approx: km.

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Departure: Weekly

Day 1: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Ho Chi Minh City motorbike tour to Cat Tien National Park: (L, D)

You will start the tour  in the morning and the first stop is Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay Cat Tien National park which is one of biggest and most famous ones in Vietnam. This 720 km2 rain forest used to be famous for rhino and many other animals in danger. At present rhinoes and some of them are gone due to illegal hunting but the Cat Tien National park is still great destination for the nature lover and for the one who would like to be quiet away from the bustle Ho Chi Minh city. The first day ride from Ho Chi Minh city to the National park of Cat Tien is the perfect start of this Vietnam motorcycle tour. After a short day ride out of busy city, we’ll have a peaceful time at the park in the middle of the green nature. Overnight in a guest house.

Distance: 160 km

Day 2: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Cat Tien National Park motorbike tour to Da Lat (B, L, D)

After saying good bye to the peaceful Cat Tien National park, we’ll keep motorcycle touring up to North on the winding mountain passes to Da Lat, we’ll have plenty of tops for picturing of the beautiful mountain view and waterfalls. Besides, we can also have some visits to peaceful villages of the ethnic people along the way. It’s quite long motorbike ride today but it’s an enjoyable motorbike tour to Da Lat. Overnight in a hotel.

Distance: 190 km

Day 3: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Da lat motorcycle tour to Nha Trang (B, L, D)

This motorcycle tour to Nha Trang offers some great motorbike ride Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay on beautiful coastlines and amazing sea view via Ngoan Muc Pass. The tour also provide a great motorcycle ride on winding mountain passes in Central highlands with scenic view that you can have plenty of stop for picturing. We’ll be in Nha Trang at around 4:30, it’s good time to have beer at the beach or have swim at the white sandy beach of Nha Trang. Overnight in a hotel nearby the sea.

Distance: 170 km

Day 4: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Nha Trang free and easy (B)

Nha Trang is a peaceful coastal city in which you can find hundreds of interesting activities for your holiday such as: spending time in clean sandy beach, taking a short boat trips to some quieter islands where you can do diving, snorkeling…One day is quite short to traveling around Nha Trang but for the bikers is a great time to have rest and save energy for the next days motorbiking to North Vietnam. You can also doing a short ride via the beautiful coastlines nearby Nha Trang. Overnight in a hotel in Nha Trang city.

Day 5: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Nha Trang motorbike tour to Buon Ma Thuot (B, L, D)

After getting on the bike, leaving the coastal city of Nha Trang, we’ll continue the Vietnam motorbike tour up to Central highland province of Buon Ma Thuat. Before motorcycling up to the high mountain passes, we can enjoy some more motorbike touring on scenic coastal roads. In the afternoon, you’ll see a different beauty of landscape.The view of mountain is different from scenery you’ve seen on the days before: large and green coffee plantation, motorbiking cross by some rustic villages of the local hill tribes, more visits to the historical sites to learn more about the Vietnam war… We’ll end the Day 5 of this motorcycle tour in Vietnam at around 5:00 PM and Overnight overnight in one of the village of the local people.

Distance: 220 km

Day 6: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Buon Ma Thuot motorbike tour to Kon Tum (B, L, D)

After saying good bye to the friendly host, getting on the bikes Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay then keep North Vietnam motorbike touring up to Kon Tum. It’s a long motorcycle ride on Ho Chi Minh road with a lot of stops for interesting visits to historical sites, battle-fields…We’ll be in Kon Tum at around 5:00 PM, Overnighting at the hotel.

Distance: 230 km

Day 7: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Kon Tum motorbike ride to Hoi An (B, L, D)

It’s another long day to ride motorcycle to lower land of Hoi An. We continue the Vietnam motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh trail, the ride in the morning is up and down hill on the winding Ho Chi Minh road, crossing through some peaceful villages of the local hill tribes such as BaNa, Ede…After lunch in Kham Duc, heading all the way down to Hoi An, arrive in Hoi An in late after noon. Overnight in a hotel in town.

Distance: 290 km

Day 8: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Hoi An at leisure (B)

Hoi An is a great place to cheer up or have rest after a long motorcycle touring, you can find it here all the things one tourist need: great foods, friendly shopping ares, sandy beaches and a peaceful area…Just follow the Vietnam ’s guide to have an enjoyable walk around the town, have some visits to some typical traditional houses with big influence from Chinese, Japanese and western architecture, it’s interesting time to learn more about history and culture of the Hoi An town and the local people. Or you can also have a short motorbike ride around Hoi An to see some rural villages of the Viet people or to the peaceful beaches. Overnight at hotel in Hoi An town.

Day 9: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Khe Sanh motorbike tour to Phong Nha  (B, L, D)

Saying good bye to Hoi An, we continue the tour to Prao, after crossing through rice fields, bamboo bridges and visiting the Cham tower to learn more about the Vietnam history and the Charm culture. Then we’ll resume the Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle tour to Prao, the ride is up and down passing through more hill tribes’ villages some waterfalls then we’ll be in Prao at around 4:30 PM.

Overnight in a guest-house in town.

Distance: 145 km

Day 10: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Prao motorbike tour to Khe Sanh (B, L, D)

It’s one of the best motorbike rides of this long motorbike tour, after leaving the Prao town, we’ll have an enjoyable motorbiking on the scenic Ho Chi Minh trail along the Dakrong river, the ride is on the smooth road offering amazing view of the river, mountain and the jungle. We’ll motorbike through some little waterfalls and some other villages of the hill tribe such as: Pa Co, Cotu…where you can have a quick visit to learn more about the interesting culture and daily life of the local. After crossing the beautiful Dakrong Bridge, we’ll ride straight to the Khe Sanh and before getting the hotel we’ll spend an hour visit to the famous Khe Sanh Combat base where you can see the remains, museum and learn how terrible the Vietnam war was.

Get off the bikes and check in the room in Khe Sanh town at 5:00 pm

Distance: 190 km

Day 11: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Khe Sanh motorbike tour to Phong Nha(B, L, D)

We can choose to enjoy the day between the two options as below:

+ Eastern Ho Chi Minh trail Motorbike touring: Heading to the eastVietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay , getting closer the sea to see more historical sites such as the Hien Luong Bridge – the one kown as the symbol of the border between the North Vietnam and the South, Vinh Moc tunnel or the famous Truong Son Cemetery…

+ Western Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike: Riding all the 220 km of the empty trail crossing the National park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang, it offers beautiful view of the limestone mountain with the rain forest and crossing some other, lunch is very simple at the rustic village of the Van Kieu people (picnic lunch is optional)

Overnight in a guest house neaby the National park

Distance: : 220 km

Day 12: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Phong Nha motorcycle trip to Tan Ky (B, L, D)

Continue the ride on Ho Chi Minh trail up to North Vietnam. It’s a long ride on the smooth road to Tan Ky, the motorbike ride in the morning still offers scenic views of the limestone mountain and the Phong Nha National park, in the afternoon, we’ll motorbiking crossing the the more populated areas with more villages and markets along the Ho Chi Minh trail and that offer a different view from the days before. We’ll end the long day tour at the peaceful town of Tan Ky at 5:00 pm,

We stay overnight in a guest house

Distance: 280 km

Day 13: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Tan Ky motorcycle trip to Hanoi (B, L, D)

Tan Ky is known as the starting point of the Ho Chi Minh trail where all the Northern Vietnam troops with weapons and food and together heading down to the DMZ in the Central Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh trail in both Vietnam and Laos. The motorcycle Tour to Hanoi today is almost on the new Ho Chi Minh road, the road is quite smooth with beautiful view of rice fields and mountains on two sides but it will get busier and busier when getting closer to Hanoi. We’ll end the long motorbike ride on Ho Chi Minh trail in Hanoi at around 5:00.

Overnight in hotel in Hanoi downtown.

Distance: 290 km

Day 14: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Hanoi free and easy tour (B, L, D)

After a long motorbike tour up to Hanoi, Today is a necessary day to refresh everything and ready for the motorcycle tour North Vietnam. There are many things to do and see in Hanoi but after a long motorcycle ride from South Vietnam, the best recommendation is that take it easy with some short walk around the old quarter enjoying the local food and local beer, drinking tasty coffee on the bank of the Hoan Kiem lake or doing shopping…

Day 15: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Hanoi motorcycle trip to Vu Linh (B, L, D)

Leaving busy Hanoi, we’ll continue the Vietnam motorbike tour

Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay

Thac Ba Lake, Yen Bai

to Northern mountain areas. The first day for the North Vietnam tour from Hanoi is riding to the beautiful lake of Thac Ba. After around one hour riding motorbike, we’ll be in the countryside where you can see green and large rice fields with colorful villages of the Viet people. The ride is almost on the small roads along the rivers to avoid the busy traffic on the highways. When getting closer to the Thac Ba Lake, we can have some short off-road motorbike rides. We’ll arrive at the Vu Linh village at about 3:30 pm, leaving the motorbikes with the local family then enjoy a beautiful boat tour on Thac Ba lake.

Overnight on the stilt houses with the friendly Dzao people.

Distance: 180km

Day 16: VVietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Thac Ba lake motorcycle trip to Ha Giang  (B, L, D)

Start the Ha Giang motorbike tour at around 9 AM, we’ll ride motorbike along the Thac Ba lake bank that offer nice lake view and mountain view with some rustic villages of the Muong and Dzao people…Lunch is served by local food in a small restaurant in Luc Yen town. After lunch, we’ll keep motorbike touring on the back roads crossing more villages of the hill tribes and rice fields…we’ll be in Ha Giang city at around 4:30 pm.

Check in the room in a hotel in city.

Distance: 170 km

Day 17: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Ha Giang motorcycle tour to Meo Vac (B, L, D)

It’s one of the most beautiful riding days of this motorbike tour Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay Vietnam. Ha Giang is a great place for motorbike touring in North Vietnam because of its beautiful natures and winding scenic roads. The motorbike ride from Hagiang to Meo Vac is only 170km but you’ll feel like a busy day with a lot of stops to take pictures and visiting to the local hill tribes. This motorbike ride is surely one of the highlights of the trip that can awake you after a long ride and encourage you to ride more.

Overnight at the hotel in Meo Vac.

Distance: 170 km

Day 18: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Meo Vac motorbike trip to Cao Bang (B, L, D)

It’s quite a long but easy day riding motorbike on smooth back roads, mountain passes up and down hill, There will not be off-road rides today it will offer a lot of visits to the nice villages of the Tay, Dzao and Nung people. This  motorbike tour to Cao Bang end at around 5 PM in Cao Bang city, Cao Bang’s quite big city where you can easily find a local shop with cold beer, big market to shop the local things or go to Karaoke after dinner party.

Overnight at the hotel

Distance: 220 km

Day 19: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Cao Bang  motorbike tour to Ban Gioc waterfall and Quang Uyen (B, L, D)

The Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls inVietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay Vietnam. It’s located in between the Vietnamese and Chinese border in North Vietnam. Today’s Northern Vietnam motorbike ride to Ban Gioc waterfall is another highlight of the trip. It does not only offer a great visit to famous waterfall but the road to ride motorbike to the waterfall also offer a amazing view of natural beauty. We can ride to the waterfall on two different roads that offer some off-road or countryside roads with bamboo bridges. On any options of the road to Ban Gioc, you can see amazing view of mountain, natures between rustic villages of the local ethnic people who live mostly on the stilted-houses. Today’s motorbike ride is always one of the best parts of our North Vietnam motorbike tours.

We’ll ride back to Cao Bang after visiting waterfall and stop to stay overnight at the little town of Quang Uyen or a guesthouse or homestay.

Distance: 190 km

Day 20: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Cao Bang motorbike tour to Lang Son (B, L, D)

Keep motorbike riding down to the eastern part of Vietnam along the Chinese border. We’ll ride mostly on smooth roads crossing by some big border gate to China. We’ll have some interesting visits to historical sites to learn more about the French War or visits to famous temple or pagodas to discover the interesting culture of the Vietnamese people.

We’ll stay overnight at hotel in Lang Son

Distance: 190 km

Day 21: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Lang Son motorbike tour to Ha Long (B, L, D)

Start the motorbike tour to Ha Long bay in early morning. We still continue the the North Vietnam motorbike tour on the winding passes in the morning, the motorbike ride will get easier when we head down to lower and lower lands. In the afternoon, we’ll ride along the costal roads No 18 to Ha Long city, the traffic will be busier and busier when we get closer to Halong. We’ll be in the city at around 4:30 pm. Check in and stay overnight in Halong city.

Distance: 210 km

Day 22: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Ha Long bay tour by boat – Overnight On Boat (B, L, D)

Having a free morning until 11:00 AM, we’ll pack every necessary Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay thing for the 2 day tour on Halong bay by boat then take a taxi to the Tourist Boat Port. Right after departing, you’ll see another world with mysterical view of rocky mountain on the green water, just be lazy on the sun –desk, enjoying beer and relaxed, sea food meals will be served on the boat. This overnight boat tour is great to cheer up after the long motorbike touring in Vietnam.

Overnight on boat.

Day 23: Vietnam Motorbike Tour from Saigon to Ha Giang, Halong Bay: Ha Long motorbike trip back to Hanoi: 160 km

It’s wonderful chance to wake up early for the sunrise on the top of the boat or for a free Tai-Chi lesson on the rooftop or simply enjoy the completely refresh air from the sea. After breakfast on boat, we can do some activities such as: visiting the caves, swimming or kayaking more..then will get back inland at around 11:30 when your motorbikes are ready to ride you back to Hanoi. The short motorbike tour back to Hanoi is quite difficult because of no other choices but riding on the highway. We’ll plan to be back to Hanoi before 4 and end the great motorbike tour safely.  End of the unforgettable ride.

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– We endeavour to select a combination of good quality hotels that reflect the character of the local area as well as being as centrally located as possible, all the while striving to keep the cost affordable.

– Your trip will stay in a range of hotels / guesthouses with standardized quality.

– Please be aware that some hotel rooms, especially those in major urban centres or older cities, may be smaller than what you are used to in other parts of the world. Standards and ratings may also be different to your home country.

– Rooms are en-suite and either twin- or triple-share, depending on what you have booked. If you are a solo traveller, you will always be sharing a room with someone of the same sex otherwise you can pay a supplement to possess a single room

– If you are traveling as a couple and would prefer to have a double bed, please officially request a double room with us. We never presume that two people traveling together are a couple, even if you share the same surname, unless informed otherwise.

– Your included meals are detailed in the ‘More Inclusions’ section of this document.

– Breakfasts are included every day in the hotel (except on the first morning). They are usually ‘continental breakfasts’, which are typical in most countries. A typical breakfast may consist of cereals with milk or yoghurt, bread, croissants, cold meats, cheese and a range of spreads, with fruit juice, tea or coffee to drink. It is rare to get a hot breakfast in Asia, though on some occasions there may be some hot food available as well.
Included evening meals are in local restaurants or accommodation places, and are either two or three courses. In most cases table water is provided with the meals, and if you wish to purchase additional drinks you can do so at your own expense.

– If you have any dietary requirements we will make every effort to cater to your specific needs as long as you advise your travel agent when you book, or make note by email before you set out. But please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to arrange it, we cannot guarantee that every restaurant we use will be able to cater to all dietary needs, particularly in Asia. We also cannot cater for tastes or dislikes, as most of our included evening meals feature a set menu.

* Ten Tips to Survive Vietnam’s Traffic:
+ DON’T spend hours waiting to cross the street on foot: that constant tide of traffic won’t stop until late at night, so

+ DO as the Vietnamese do: take the plunge and inch slowly across. Observe the Miracle of the Red Sea, as the traffic parts like magic, flowing smoothly in front of you or behind, meeting up again on the other side.

+ DON’T make any sudden or unpredictable movements: freeze if you have to, but never lunge forward or backward towards the safety of the sidewalk. In fact, you can do just about anything, but do it with conviction!

+ DON’T forget, if you’re riding or driving, to look where you’re going – all the time: if you hit anything in front of you, then it’s your fault.

+ DO give way to any vehicle bigger and noisier than yours. Trucks and buses are particularly dangerous: often old, sometimes unsafe and usually all over the road.

+ DO watch out for unfamiliar obstacles: water buffaloes, rocks of various sizes, broken-down trucks…, people sitting in the road, missing bridges, girls in ao dai cycling five abreast, slow-moving mountains of farm produce, dog fights, impromptu football matches, piles of building materials – and almost no light on anything at night..

+ DON’T hesitate to take evasive action – even if this sometimes means leaving the tarmac or coming to a dead stop.

+ DO try to avoid getting involved in one of the all-too-frequent minor accidents that plague Vietnam’s roads (and the major ones as well, of course), but if you are unlucky,

+ DON’T lose your cool, in spite of the interference of the large and vocal crowd that may gather: try to settle things amicably and swiftly. Sometimes, paying a reasonable amount of money will save you a lot of hassle.

+ DO remember that the only rule is: you’re not allowed to bump into anybody… irrespective of what they did or should have done, or of what the road signs or traffic lights were telling them to do. Some people still seem to think that anything red means forward, comrade

* Tipping for guides & mechanic:
Our crews never expect tips themselves and will not ask for any; that’s not what friends do! However, so if you are really satisfied with all of what they did for you, please don’t mind tipping them a bit with a normal norm of US$ 7 – US$ 10/person for a guide per day and US$ 3 – US$ 5/person for a mechanic per day. (just don’t forget Mum’s souvenir).


+ Motorbike(s) (Honda or Yamaha)

+ Helmet(s)

+ Driving gears

+ Gasoline on tour

+ English speaking guides

+ Mechanic (only for group from 6 passengers)

+ Halong Bay Cruise

+ Accommodation as indicated in the itinerary (based on Twin or Double room)

+ Homestay permission

+ Meals as indicated in the itinerary

+ Entrance fees & Sightseeing fees

+ One-way airticket from Hanoi to Saigon for our tour guides & mechanic

+ Train carriage for bikes from Saigon to Hanoi.

+ Coffee or bottled water or 1 soft drink for every stopover en route.

+ Government's taxes


+ Visa, air tickets, Tips

+ 1 Support truck

+ All other meals as not indicated

+ personal expenses


Tour Cost in USD per person applied to groups of (Valid till 30 Sep 2015)


2 Pax3  – 6 Paxs7 – 10 PaxsSingle Supplement


=> Supplement for the manual bikes of 125cc (Honda Fortune or Yamaha YBR) is US$ 10/bike/day => Supplement for the manual bikes of 150cc (Honda XR or Kawasaki) is US$ 18/bike/day => Supplement for the manual bikes of 250cc (Honda XR or Honda Baja)is US$ 28/bike/day

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